Sophie De Oliviera Barata

Sophie De Oliviera Barata, London based functional artist, is the founder of The Alternative Limb Project  the lovechild of art and prosthetics.

After graduating from the London College of Fashion with a degree in special effects, Sophie became an expert on crafting silicone, hyper-realistic prosthetics.

Driven by her imagination, Sophie began to experiment with materials and realised that prosthesis could be used as a way of creating art and expressing the self. After creating a non-naturalistic leg cover for a young girl, the Alternative Limb Project was born.

Sophie’s work is of paramount importance in celebrating body types and encouraging self-acceptance. She has worked with Paralympic athletes, performing artists, video game companies and has collaborated TED on multiple occasions.

At the Reforming Anatomy event Sophie will be speaking about ‘Prosthetic limbs as art’.

See Sophie’s Ted Talk here.

Instagram: @thealternativelimbproject