Michael Baum

Professor Michael Baum Professor Emeritus of Surgery and Visiting Professor of Medical Humanities- University College London.


In his practicing surgical career Baum pioneered novel therapies and management of breast cancer, using improved surgery, radiology and drug regimes. Baum also paid close attention to improving quality of life and psychological wellbeing of cancer patients. Moreover, a staggering 500 papers on cancer in general, cancer screening, breast cancer, philosophy of science and medical humanities add to Baum’s exemplary career achievements.

After retiring from chair of surgery at University College London, Baum was appointed visiting Professor of Medical Humanities. This role provided the opportunity to teach students the importance of moral and scientific philosophy, in the practice of medicine. Notably, Baum taught narrative based medicine and the links between the history of Art and the history of medicine. One of his most popular tutorials was a clinical “ward round” at the National Gallery. Baum retrained as a painter and now works from his attic studio.