Monty Junejo



Monty is a junior doctor working in London and the founder of Reforming Anatomy. He has an interest in Plastic Surgery and describes it as the love child of art and surgery. Assisting in the operating theatre further sparked his desire to explore the cross-disciplinary overlaps, as he noticed similarities between the behaviour of skin and fabric, and the intricacies with which they are manipulated. He has conducted research in New York and London studying various aspects of skin biology, and completed a Master’s degree in Burns, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has passion for fashion and has been featured in international fashion magazines.


Edward Christie



Before starting his Master’s studies in Art History at The Courtauld Institute of Art, Edward co-founded Reforming Anatomy during his Bachelor’s degree at UCL, where he was President of the UCLU Art Society. Through this position, he gained experience of managing events and organising art workshops. In his studies, he has researched the historical relationship between surgery and art with a focus on the role of performance in illustrations for anatomical atlases. Diverging from this, Edward is particularly interested in exploring the significance of surgery within contemporary art practices.


Elle Wilson

Advertising and Organisation Officer


Elle is a clinical medical student at University College London following completion of an integrated BSc in neuroscience. Design and art have also been very important to her, and she has developed a keen interest in the interplay between the worlds of art and medicine/surgery. Having researched the use of visual imagery in the language and communication of chronic pain for a paper inspired by the work of Deborah Padfield, she believes that a collaboration of the two disciplines can be hugely beneficial to clinical practice. She believes that Reforming Anatomy provides an ideal platform to challenge and explore this field. Alongside her studies, she enjoys organising art exhibitions, for example a ‘Medicine and Africa’ charity event for Medic to Medic.

Lily Gwynne-Thomas

External Speakers Coordinator


Lily is in her third year at University College London studying Human Sciences, a degree that is cross-disciplinary by nature. Holding the belief that creativity drives scientific progression, she has always found it difficult to understand why the art-science divide is so massive. Her study focus has been broad, from anatomy and immunology to art history. In her final year research project she hopes to explore the relationship between infectious disease and popular culture. Outside of this, Lily is a lover of music, art and is also filmmaker.


Max Greenfield

External Speakers Coordinator


Max is a medical student in the latter stages of his undergraduate education at University College London. He is passionate about plastic surgery and developing new surgical techniques with the goal of improving patient outcomes. Max recently completed a degree in Surgical Sciences at the UCL Department of Interventional and Surgical Sciences, a department that prides itself on innovating and creating. Inspired by working with some of surgery’s greatest innovators he gained a deeper understanding that science and medicine alone are not sufficient to catalyse the evolution of surgical techniques. Max’s passion for art and particularly sculpture helped him to understand that imagination and creativity are vital to improve the most human of sciences.


Pranay Balijepalli



Pranay is currently in his third year studying Medicine at University College London. With a passion to explore the influence of political and socioeconomic forces on foreign policy, and a special interest in healthcare, he will be embarking upon the Global Health BSc next year. By interning at TouchSurgery, a company simulating surgical procedures through animation, he realised the delicate relationship where surgery relies on art in providing high quality care across all the surgical specialities. Outside of academia, he was a key member in organising the National Surgical conference hosted by the university’s Surgical society, of which he is now Media Director. He also enjoys volunteering with the UCL Playteam at University College Hospital where he gets to brighten sick children’s days.