Merchant’s Heart


Merchant’s Heart is a range of spirit enhancers created by the Suntory group to enhance the flavour of spirits. Mixers with perfect carbonation, crafted with flavours that enhance and contrast characteristics of different types of spirits. The range is made up of liquids that suit seasoned spirit connoisseurs as well as some flavours that help new consumers to enjoy spirits that don’t normally go for.


Co-created with experts to pair perfectly with the cross section and flavour of different spirits, allowing the spirit to shine through on the palate for an enhanced drinking experience. Our mission is to shift the cultural expectations of straight spirit and mix drinks by creating Bikan Yuso drinking experiences that bring joy to people’s lives.

Made with Bikan Yuso

Bikan Yuso is our mantra, and means ‘Sense of beauty and playful imagination’ This sits at the heart of the Merchant’s Heart brand and is how we act, behave and create. On the bottom of every bottle of Merchant’s Heart it says “Made with Bikan Yuso – meaning it is made with a sense of beauty and playful imagination. We have a clear desire to be very different to other mixers, soft drinks and even spirit brands. We are representing modern craft with beautiful design aesthetics.

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