Historically, the fields of anatomy and fine art have been closely intertwined. Whilst observation of the interior and exterior human form constituted a fundamental pillar of academic training, artists and surgeons worked together to create illustrated anatomical atlases which were important didactic texts for both medical and art students. Adding to this, the artisanal processes of attentive looking and recording formed the basis of empirical thought which fuelled medical innovation throughout much of the early modern period.

Despite changes in both fields, this conference offers a multi-faceted platform to explore how artistic and surgical practices continue to benefit each other through promoting medical innovation and supporting a continued interest in visually exploring the human body. This will be mobilised through a programme of lectures given by leading professionals, and via practical workshops which will offer a venue for collaborative creation between artists and surgeons. As a finale, attendants are invited to the evening champagne event where we will enjoy a performance exploring bodily conditions through dance.